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The Scientific Committee is pleased to announce the organization of the next API Congress 2021.

After the last edition held in Milan in 2017, the Congress will be held in Napoli again at the wonderful “Museo Diocesano”, a masterpiece of Gothic and Baroque Art, located in the heart of the ancient Napoli.

The Congress has become a regular event, scheduled each 3 years, and the number of participants is increasing more and more.

We are pleased to invite all the interested Companies to sponsor this special event. Have company brand visibility by hundreds of delegates, drive awareness of products and services, network with industry professionals from around the world and foster relationships with colleagues from every sector of industry including Science, Academia and Business, in an effort to promote overall collaboration.

Next edition in 2021 in Naples will be an excellent opportunity for the communities of scientists,  researchers, and companies to present and discuss achievements and new ideas in this field.

Please select the sponsorship mode you prefer from those indicated in the document below and  do not hesitate to contact the Organizing Secretariat (panico@mcmcongressi.it) for any further information or tailored participation.

We look forward to the massive and enthusiastic participation of all the concerned Companies, contributing to the success of API Congress 2021.

The Scientific Committee