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Flexographic printing of functional inks on flexible films
for sustainable smart food packaging

Tim Claypole
Swansea University

The concept of life cycle thinking applied to innovative
multi-material paper based packaging

Graziano Elegir

Innovhub Stazioni Sperimentali per l’Industria S.r.l., Paper Division

Graziano Elegir has a doctoral degree in Industrial Biotechnology and background studies in chemistry and microbiology.

He spent three years (1991-1994) at the Forest Products Laboratory, WI, (US) initially as PhD fellow and subsequently as post-doc research associate working on eco-friendly enzymatic bio-bleaching of cellulose pulp.

He joined the Italian Pulp and Paper Research Institute (SSCCP) in 1995 in charge of the Biotechnology group dealing mostly with enzymatic applications in the paper industry until 2003 when he got the responsibility of the Chemistry and Environmental sector focusing on paper recycling process and paper-based packaging end-of-life issues (recyclability, biodegradability and compostability).

In 2011 SSCCP merged with other research organizations in Innovhub-SSI, within the new organization he got the responsibility of the Food Contact Material Laboratory and started working on packaging sustainability and life cycle assessment.

Currently he is in charge of the R&D of the Paper and Textile Division.

His expertise covers many aspects of the packaging industry from raw material and valorisation of by-products to end-of-life, food contact materials and sustainability. His research has led to several publications in international scientific journals, conference presentations, project applications and private contracts with industry. He has been coordinator and work package leader in several European and national research projects as well as in the management committee of several European networks.

Biodegradable polymers
and nanobiocomposites for soustainable packaging

Francesco Paolo La Mantia

INSTM and  Dept of Engineering, University of Palermo

Professor Emeritus University of Palermo
Full Professor of Technology of Polymers       

Scientific activities:
Rheological and mechanical properties of polymer systems; processability, characterization and compatibilization of polymer blends; liquid crystal polymers; nanocomposites; biodegradable polymers; plastics recycling.
Author of about 380 scientific papers (Citations 11310, h = 52, Google Scholar; Citations 8245, h = 43 SCOPUS. (June 2022)), four books on plastics recycling and two books on liquid crystal polymers, as well as several book chapters and two teaching books on polymers. About 400 communications at National and International conferences, about 50 technical papers and 12 patents. Many invited plenary lectures at National and International conferences.

Coordination activities:
Coordinator and Responsible of many national and international research projects, as well as contracts with industries and public organizations.
Chairman of several National and International conferences.
Former President and currently treasurer of the MoDeSt  International scientific society.
Former President of the AIMAT (Italian Association of Materials Engineering) Society.
Member of the Editorial Board of International Peer Reviewed Journals, such as Polymer Degradation and Stability, Polymers, Nanomaterials, Materials, Recycling, Journal of Applied Biomaterials and Functional Materials, Polimery, Progress in Rubber, Plastics and Recycling Technology.
Guest Editor of nine Special Issues of Polymers, three Special Issues of Materials and one on Recycling.

Evaluation activities
Reviewer of research projects for public national and international Institutions (Research Ministries of France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Portugal, Luxembourg, etc.), as well as private Institutions.
Referee for several scientific ISI journals, such as: Polymer Degradation and Stability, Journal of Applied
Polymer Science, Polymer Engineering and Science, Polymer, Polymer Composites, Journal of Rheology, Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, Composites Engineering, International Polymer Processing, etc.

Managing activities
Coordinator of the Degree Courses in Chemical Engineering, Materials Engineering and Biomedical Engineering.
Chairman of the Department of Chemical, Processes and Materials Engineering, University of Palermo.
Member of the Administration Board of the University of Palermo (1997-2002) and President of the Finance and Business commettee.
Dean of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Palermo (2004-2010)
Member of the Academic Senate of the University of Palermo (2004-2010)
Vice-Rector of the University of Palermo, March-October 2015.

Delegate of the Rector for:

  • Research and Research Evaluation;

  • Strategic Planning;

  • Decentralization;

Vice-Rector for Planning, Development and Strategic Management
President of the Polythecnic School of the University of Palermo.

More assignments:
Responsible for research and innovation at the local (Palermo and Sicily) sections of the General Confederation of Italian Industry
Consultant of the Sicilian Ministry for Production Activities (2010-2015)
Member of Board the Advanced Technologies Institute – ITA (2006-2017)
Member of the Board of EMUNI International University (2009-2013)
Member of the S coientific Couyncil of the Consortium INSTM
Member of the Board of Cluster SPRING (2020-)

an industrial perspective

Mariani Paolo

ENI Versalis

Nanocellulose in packaging:
recent progress, critical issues, and future perspectives

Carlo Punta

Politecnico di Milano. Department of Chemistry, Materials, and Chemical Engineering “Giulio Natta”

 Delamination recycling of light-weight
aluminum-barrier composite packaging materials

Thorsten Hornung
Managing Director CEO Saperatec

Mr. Thorsten Hornung is the Chief Executive Officer at saperatec where he is responsible for the company’s strategic development and commercial functions. Saperatec is a recycling technology innovation company focusing on the development of recycling solutions for multi-layer composite materials from plastics, metals, glass and paper. Prior to saperatec he led a start-up project for the catalytic pyrolysis of residual biomass into fuels and hydrogen.

Previously he served as a Partner in management consulting with Accenture’s consulting practice in Asia and Germany. Mr. Hornung holds a degree in aerospace engineering from University of Stuttgart and an MBA from Kellogg School & WHU.