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The Ethical Packaging Charter Foundation in brief

Date of birth

  • May 29, 2020 


  • President: Anna Paola Cavanna
  • Vice-Presidents: Alessandra Fazio (Nestlé) e Ciro Sinagra (Laminazione Sottile)
  • Board Directors: Chiara Faenza (Coop Italia), Antonio Feola (Unione Italiana Food)
  • Director: Francesco Legrenzi
  • Sole Auditor: Mauro Peveri

Why a Foundation?

  • because it is more important than ever to take the field and open a valuable and honest debate on doing business in an ethical way, a prerogative of people and companies;
  • to support and disseminate projects in order to stimulate a reflection on packaging that is responsible, balanced and transparent;
  • to guarantee valuable professionalism to the supply chain and educate the new generations to a new business culture;
  • to promote tools to support safe and sustainable innovation.

What are the founding values?

  • The 10 values ​​of the Ethical Packaging Charter: 01. Responsabile, 02. Balanced, 03. Safe, 04.Accessibile, 05.Transparent, 06.Informative 07.Up-to-date, 08. Forward-looking, 09.Educative, 10.Sustainable

 Who are the Ambassadors of the Ethical Packaging Charter and what they do?

  • They are companies, businesses, organisations, associations, consortia, foundations operating in the packaging supply chain;
  • they are committed to the ten values of the Charter;
  • they promote values ​​and contents and give them appropriate dissemination
  • they identify themselves with the Ambassador brand granted by the Foundation
  • they participate in projects for the dissemination of a new ethical business culture

 How to become an Ambassador?

  • fill in the following forms,
  • attach the required documentation
  • send your application for membership via certified e-mail to the Foundation’s Board of Directors:


Forms for downloading:
[ Ethical Charter
[ Bylaw
[ Membership Application
[ Letter of Commitment
[ Regulation Implementing
[ Privacy Policy
[ Contribution to join



Anna Paola Cavanna

Together we can do it!

Being Ambassadors of the Ethical Packaging Charter means creating culture, creating ‘value’ around packaging, changing its perception from problem to resource, from cost to solution, from product to service. Without taking dogmatic and definitive positions but recognizing what is really hidden behind a problem, an emergency, an alarm through knowledge and comparison.

An Ethics Charter serves to redefine the values ​​and prerogatives of positivity to strive for by supporting research, training and culture projects.

Do we want to set out together on this journey through the values ​​of the Charter and contribute to change?

Anna Paola Cavanna, President