About Milan


Milan is the 2nd largest city in Italy and one of the most appealing European cities.
The capital of Lombardy Region represents an amazing network that brings together museums, creative and cultural industries, research, education and industrial development.
Milan skyline is changing and new city districts have been growing steadily in the last five years.
World-wide famous architects and designers are presently at work in Milan and its surroundings.


In the last five years, Milan has been actively engaged in green policies and in reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere (-20% in 2020) in compliance with the Kyoto protocol. Pollution and congestion charges to enter the city centre are reducing private traffic and car emissions and Milan is becoming more and more a sustainable city.

The 94 Consulates hosted in the city – the greatest number in the world after New York! – are an eloquent expression of its many active foreign communities (about 200) and give to Milan an amazing international and cosmopolitan flavour.
Tourists visiting Milan have the option to discover also many beautiful cities and towns nearby, all very elegant and rich in history and monuments. Also the natural beauties of Milan’s surroundings make it up for a charming experience, with wonderful landscapes and green areas to explore.